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 How long will it take to receive  by my order?

* Each product is individually hand painted by our talented artists, which takes time.  

Please allow 10 business days of production time before your order is sent.

*Orders within Australia require an additional 3-5 days for shipping.

*International Orders require an additional 14+ days for shipping.
* Please expect delays to WA, SA, NT  Australia Post due to flooding and road closures. 

Do you offer Afterpay?

Can I see a sketch of my hat before it is painted?
No, because our artists paint your order by freehand, directly onto the cap. 

Graffiti HatCan I get my hat painted on the spot?
Yes, when ordering from our Surfers Markets store. Our artist will give you a rough time estimate, as there may be some orders to paint. 

How do i use the wooden wedges received with my canvas?
Please click here for instructions on how to use canvas wedges.

Where are you located?

Surfers Beach Front Markets
Friday & Saturday 4-9pm (weather permitting) 
The Foreshore Surfers Paradise 
(opposite McDonald's & by the big Surfers Paradise sign on the beachfront) 

*Hours may change due to public holidays and school holidays and due to windy weather conditions. 
*We are no longer at Sea World, Dreamworld or Movie World. 

Does the paint run?
Your hat needs at least 24 hours from the time it is painted before it can get wet. We recommend at least 5 days before you wash it. The paint will not run as long as you follow these steps. 

Can I wash my cap?
Yes. Hand wash in cold water. Please do not use any Detergents as this will strip the paint and do not Machine Wash as this will ruin the hat shape. 

Our trucker and snapback caps are of excellent quality. The best way to care for them is to cold hand wash and air dry them.
The paint we use is specifically designed for fabric and is therefore permanent if looked after.

Graffiti Hats Australia

How long does the Paint last?
The paint we use is a specific fabric paint that is permanent it will hold its colour if it is not washed in any detergents.

Can you spray on the back of a cap?
Yes on a snapback cap but not on a trucker cap.
It will cost an extra $5

What is a brim?
The brim is the peak of the cap.

What is a trucker cap?

A mesh baseball cap, with an adjustable snapback clip on the back of the cap of the cap.  Trucker caps have a curved brim.  

Available in Black/White and White

Our trucker caps feature plastic mesh backing on the back of the cap which makes is lighter and also breathable. 

Graffiti Hats Australia

What is a snapback cap?

A type of baseball cap, with an adjustable snapback clip on the back of the cap and a flat brim.

Available in White and Black/White

The brim/peak can be curved if you prefer the curved look. 

Our snapback caps feature cotton/twill material around the entire cap. 

Graffiti Hats
Bulk order discounts availalbe

Do you give discounts for bulk orders?
Yes. The discount amount depends on how many caps you order. 
Our discount starts at 10% for 5 hats or more. The more you order the larger the discount. Please email us for a quote: info@originalgraffix.com.au 

How long does it take to paint a bulk order?
It depends on how many caps you order. We need at least 1-2 weeks for bulk orders of more than 20 caps. 

What size caps do you have?



Kids       54cm circumference

Kids        54cm circumference

Adults    58cm circumference 

Adult       58cm circumference

* Our kids caps generally fit kids aged 1-7 years.
We recommend an adult size for kids 8 years and over, depending on how big their head is. 

Check out the different variations of this style

What colour caps do you have?



Kids  - White, Black 

Kids - White

Adults - White, Black

Adults - White 


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Can you paint on the mesh part of the cap?
No as the plastic mesh will not hold the paint.

Why are the Snapback caps more expensive?
Because they are better quality. The material used is more durable and will last longer than a trucker cap.

Can you paint on a my own cap?
Yes. The cost is $25 for our artwork on your own cap.

Can you airbrush my own logo?
Yes as long as it isn’t too complicated as our hats are all painted by freehand. Logos are an extra $5-$10 depending on the design as they take longer to paint. 

Can you paint on T-shirts or other items?
Yes please email us for a quote: info@originalgraffix.com.au 
Please note from December to March we cannot take on any t-shrit orders or products that are not on our website as this is our busy period. (This includes larger canvases) 

Graffiti Hats Australia

Will the paint come off my tee/hoodie/singlet in the wash?
The best way to look after an airbrushed clothing item is to hand wash it in cold water. The paint may come off slightly due to the fact that the fabric fibres are sitting on top of the garment, then the artwork is applied to the garment, once washed the fabric fibres will come off the garment thus taking some of the artwork with it. 

Can you paint my shoes if I bring them to you?
Yes, we can paint a graffiti name on your shoes.

$50 per shoe, for 1 side of the shoe or
$80 per shoe for both sides.   

Do you offer international post?
Yes, we ship world wide. 


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